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  • I am a wife and a stay at home mom and a follower of Christ. I live in the South and I love my home and my family and I think my church is an incredible place to be. I am very blessed. Every single day I am amazed at God's great love and redeeming power. My greatest thrill is encouraging others with stories of how He has proved Himself faithful over and over in my life...which makes it a very sweet life!

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September 09, 2009



I have the same problem with bringing things like this to God. I love your encouragement :) Thank you, Amy.


Thank YOU Susie!

Sandra Wald

Great post, Amy! I remember you saying once that you prayed about a lot of things and as a result you saw a lot of your prayers answered. I pray for little things too, but I have noticed that sometimes I get focused on the big things & then I think, I need to pray for the "little helps" I need through this particular day. I am encouraged by the wasp nest prayer!


Oh, I am in the middle of a "wasp nest" of my own. My problem is, as I have come to find out, I am very strong willed. I keep thinking that I can handle it on my own, I can take care of it. But everyday that I hang on to these thoughts I see that I am accomplishing nothing.

Thank you for assuring me that if He will take care of the smallest of our problems, He will most surely take care of the huge ones.

Submission and obedience...two of my hardest task in front of me.

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