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  • I am a wife and a stay at home mom and a follower of Christ. I live in the South and I love my home and my family and I think my church is an incredible place to be. I am very blessed. Every single day I am amazed at God's great love and redeeming power. My greatest thrill is encouraging others with stories of how He has proved Himself faithful over and over in my life...which makes it a very sweet life!

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September 10, 2009


Donna Carter

Awesome! I love to hear stories about God showing up when we ask Him to!

~Grace & Peace

Congratulations on the job interview. God sure is in the details, isn't He? I love what you said about being on the edge of the desert. That is so true, you are close to your Promised Land.

Christy Nettles

Amy, this spoke to me in many ways. I too feel that I am on "the edge of the desert" and I am just going to have to choose to trust Him. It begins all over again every day. Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey. It enriches my life.

Sandra Wald

Dear Amy, This is a great and inspiring post! I am so happy your job interview day went so well. I can relate to all of your worries about going back to work--I have not been a stay at home wife and I don't have kids, but I feel pulled in so many different directions when I am working. God keeps telling me that my husband/family relationships are what matters most, so sometimes I have to let other lesser things go--like the house. It's not ideal, but I am learning to adjust.

Carla Smith

I am right there with you Amy. My last day at work was Friday and I am setting out on the job hunt again. I am actually excited about the next "phase" of my life and what I will learn about God and myself in Him....trying to see it as something I must do/go through before he will be ready for me in heaven. God loves us so much! Jer. 29:11. Love You Girl!


Congratulations to you, I can only imagine that good or bad all of the changes will bring a sense of peace in a more knowing heart.

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