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  • I am a wife and a stay at home mom and a follower of Christ. I live in the South and I love my home and my family and I think my church is an incredible place to be. I am very blessed. Every single day I am amazed at God's great love and redeeming power. My greatest thrill is encouraging others with stories of how He has proved Himself faithful over and over in my life...which makes it a very sweet life!

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December 21, 2009



This made me think back to your last blog talking about faith.

Your need to want and experience a deeper faith. If you are focused on the needs of others, praying for them, seeing prayers answered, your faith will become deeper and stronger.

This is something I have learned and am experiencing first had.

Of course Satan will consume your mind with your main worry of your son now. And making this accomplishment can cause your faith to become weak and your mind comsumed with fear and worry.

I am not attempting to tell you what you need to do at this point because you have already made that turn.

You are the most godly, influential woman in my life now and I am greatful for everything you have to say. Admitting your weakness, then knowing how to turn and walk on that path He has placed before you.

You are close to my heart and always in my prayers!

Sandra Wald

What a good word, Amy! I struggle a lot with worry, too at different times in my life. You make such a good point in saying that focusing on our own worries keeps us from ministering to others. I was reminded today of this book I read once--the basic idea was the cure for almost any emotional problem--depression/anxiety/stress/worry, etc. is to do a good deed for someone else 14 days in a row. It works! Thanks for the good post.


上课刚15分钟,有个学生就睡着了。老师走到他面前,拍醒后,对同学说: 你到这儿不是睡觉来的! 学生道: 你到这儿也不是催眠来的!


早上送孩子去幼儿园,由于很久没去了一路上小家伙哭得肝肠寸断,千般哀求不要去幼儿园。老师对她不好等等数落老师坏话。到了幼儿园刚好碰到孩子老师,小家伙突然口气一变: 老师我天天想你,来的路上我想你想的都哭了


A对B说:“我要离开这个公司。我恨这个公司!” B建议道:“我举双手赞成你报复!!破公司一定要给它点颜色看看。不过你现在离开,还不是最好的时机。” A问:??? B说:“如果你现在走,公司的损失并不大。你应该趁着在公司的机会,拼命去为自己拉一些客户,成为公司独挡一面的人物,然后带着这 些客户突然离开公司,公司才会受到重大损失,非常被动。” A觉得B说的非常在理。于是努力工作,事遂所愿,半年多的努力工作后,他有了许多的忠实客户。 再见面时B问A:现在是时机了,要跳赶快行动哦! A淡然笑道:老总跟我长谈过,准备升我做总经理助理,我暂时没有离开的打算了。 其实这也正是B的初衷。一个人的工作,永远只是为自己的简历。只有付出大于得到,让老板真正看到你的能力大于位置,才会给你更多的机会替他创造更多利润。

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